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How will Tesco Diets work for you?

Knowledge + Action = Positive results

This new approach gives you the knowledge and encouragement to take action and achieve results that last!

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  • Follow your diet plan
  • Track your meals
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  • Set your goal
  • Get advice
  • WK1 How to set goals the smart way
    Record your body measurements.
  • WK2 What kind of eater are you?
    Identify your good and bad habits.
  • WK3 9 ways to combat cravings
    Have fun with the food relationship quiz.
  • WK4 Speed up your weight loss
    Take the stress test
  • WK5 The scary truth about food labelling
    What's your nutrition IQ?
  • WK6 Don't get caught out by portions sizes
    Update your measurements, review your progress and tell us what you think.

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GI diet

GI diet

  • Battle cravings
  • Satisfies appetite
  • Improved energy levels
  • Reduces risk of Type 2 diabetes

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Healthy Living

Healthy Living

  • Easy to follow
  • Balanced and varied meals
  • Simple meals for all cooking abilities
  • Includes favourite everyday foods

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Make 2013 your year

Was: 13 stone 3lbs
Now: 10 stone 8lbs
Lost: 2 stone 9lbs
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Was: 12 stone 2lbs
Now: 9 stone 3lbs
Lost: 2 stone 13lbs
Read her story
Was: 12 stone 5lbs
Now: 8 stone 9lbs
Lost: 3 stone 10lbs
Read her story
Make 2014 your year to succeed

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Not so healthy food

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10 Healthy foods that aren't so healthy

Healthy or unhealthy? It's hard to tell these days. While you may be aware banana splits or double bacon cheeseburgers are not the best choices for maintaining a slim waistline, there are other less obvious foods which can sneak up on you...


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