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Alison didn’t get to enjoy the giddy carelessness that goes hand in hand with being a teenager but she can now live her life as a happy and confident adult. Struggling with her weight since childhood meant that Alison suffered from crippling, low self esteem. The passing of a close relative in her early 20's finally spurred Alison to lose weight. She realised that her confidence was not the only part of her that her weight could destroy. Since starting her diet plan Alison has lost a fantastic 6 stone 3lbs.

Alison tells us her story…

What made you decide to join us?
My aunt died at 38 and it really scared me. I knew I couldn’t go on the way I was.

Was your weight causing you any problems?
I have been overweight since I was about 9 years old so I didn’t actually know what being slim felt like. Now I feel that I missed out on being a teenager as I hid away so I wouldn’t be made fun of. It was also difficult to meet men as they wouldn’t look twice at me. Men automatically hovered around my slim friends so my confidence was at rock bottom. I also had the mortification of being told to get off a ride at a funfair as the fastening wouldn’t close around me. The feeling of disgust at myself has stayed with me and always will.

Tell us about your diet before you joined us?
It was awful. I’d think nothing of eating my way through a litre tub of ice cream and having whatever I wanted when I wanted. I was eating the equivalent of what a 6 foot body builder would eat. Now I go for something tasty, yet low in fat. It was all about learning what foods worked for me. Previously I had no idea.

What part, if any, has exercise played in helping you to lose weight?
It’s been the difference between losing and not losing. If I don’t exercise the weight doesn’t come off the same as it should. It has given me the drive to try to be better and do new things. I would like to climb Ben Nevis now, just to see if I can.

What difference has losing weight made to you?
It has completely changed my life. I am more confident now, I wear skirts again, I want to go out more, I find it easier to speak to people, I have more energy and I love being able to shop in places like Topshop and Zara.

What did you think of the overall service?
I found the community forums really motivating. It was great to read about how others were doing and it was so nice to have people understand how I felt. The email support and weigh-in process were helpful too.

How have your family and friends reacted to your weight loss?
I get comments every day and a lot of people don’t recognise me when they see on the street.

Have you any other tips you would like to give?
Split up your plan so you are eating quite frequently during the day, but you are still following the diet plans.