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Mandy’s weight was having a negative impact on her mobility and endurance. She found herself continually tired and lacking energy in work. Having experienced limited success with other diet plans in the past, Mandy needed to try something different, so she registered for our online diet plan. In just 4 months Mandy lost 1 stone 8 lbs and 2 dress sizes.

Mandy talks us through her weight loss journey:

What made you decide to lose weight?

I gained weight after having my son. I was so unhappy with myself and I knew that I needed to do something as I was constantly ill and struggling at work.

How was your quality of life before losing weight?

I lacked confidence and was wearing clothes that were too small and uncomfortable. I wasn’t able to buy the clothes that I wanted.

Tell us about your diet before you joined us?

I was constantly snacking and eating the kids sweets. Eating leftovers was my worst habit and I was always searching for sugary snacks.

What difference has losing weight made to you?

I have loads of confidence and feel great. I really can’t believe how easy it was. I feel so much happier now.

What did you think of the service overall?

The meal plans. They tell me what to eat and when to eat it – I’m onto a winner. It really has changed my life. The last time I wore a size 12 dress was probably when I was 12 – I’m so pleased to be wearing that size now. Yippee.