Food Relationship Quiz

Have you ever felt like your diet is dictated by how you feel? All of us have a relationship with food and, like all relationships, it can need a bit of work from time to time.

To discover more about your relationship with food and how you can improve it, take our quick quiz.


  1. Do you only eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied?
  2. Do you feel you have an unhealthy diet?
  3. Does your mood, good or bad, cause you to eat?
  4. Can you leave food on your plate?
  5. Do certain situations or events trigger you to eat?
  6. Do you feel guilty when you eat?
  7. Do you constantly think about food?
  8. Do you become physically uncomfortable after eating?
  9. Do you feel in control around food?
  10. Do you eat without thinking?
  11. Do you reward yourself with food?
  12. Do you ever skip meals to control your weight?

Interpreting your score

Scores between 0 and 3

Well done! You have a healthy attitude towards food and dieting. Rather than obsessing about calories you are focused on eating nutritious foods and maintaining a healthy body. Use the Success Markers, in the member's area, to ensure you stay focused and determined.

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Scores between 4 and 8

Your relationship with food needs a little work. You need food to fuel your body, but don't use it as a reward or let it control your life. Use your Meal Plan or Food Diary to track what you eat and to help you identify your bad habits. Experiment with new healthy recipes and make it a goal to find nutritious foods you love.

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Scores between 9 and 12

Your relationship with food may be holding you back from losing weight and having a healthy diet. It′s really important that you address these issues now. Talk to your diet mentor to see how you can change how you feel about food and dieting.

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