Join the Tesco Diets Webgain′s Affiliate team and earn up to £30 per referred customer

Webgain Webgains is an affiliate marketing network that combines depth of experience, world-class technology, and
unrivalled support.

Our people are driven by an understanding of the challenges facing professional marketers and above all, a passion for what they do and the commitment and ability to help affiliates and merchants alike succeed.

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Up to £30 per referred customer

Key features

All your web sites and keyword campaigns under one account.

You can sign up as many web sites and/or keyword campaigns under the one account. This means that you get one payment for all your work and only have to sign in to one account. You can switch between accounts instantly as well as generate reports based on one or more of your web.

Weekly Payments

We pay you every week on a Wednesday. Improve your cashflow to grow your business.

Role based user access

You can set up as many users on your account as you wish with different permissions. You may want to give technical staff access to set up areas but not allow them to generate reports or change account settings. Each user can also customise their account area without affecting other users.

Comprehensive data feeds

Any type of data that a merchant can make available to us, we make available to you; you choose which columns to include in your datafeed.

Real-time and scheduled reporting

Unrivalled reporting allows you to generate tabular and graphical reports covering any time period, on whichever scale you choose eg, today by hour, this month by day, this quarter by week. No need to login to your account to get the information you need. Just set up the report you want and it can be sent to you daily, weekly or monthly in the format of your choice (html,pdf or csv).

Reports available include:

  • Commissions earned
  • Site/campaign comparison
  • Source of sales (which pages are performing best for you)
  • Performing links (which creative/links are generating the most)
  • Merchants (which merchants are doing well for you)
  • Fully itemised impression, click and error reports

Join our affiliate program now