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Get started with the Tesco Diets calorie counter Looking for low carb foods? Checking for low fat meals? Then welcome to the Tesco Diets Calorie Counter, your one-stop tool to help you find the nutritional information of all your favourite foods.

Whether you want to follow a healthy diet or are concerned about your cholesterol, fat, sugar or salt, our Calorie Counter will help you search and find foods and meals and list the nutritional breakdown, including its GDA values.

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What nutrients are of importance if you are following a low cholesterol diet

The key nutrients to be aware of are fat, saturated fat & fibre. For a main meal the fat should be no more than 30% of it’s GDA. Saturated fat should be kept to a minimum. Carbohydrate sources should be high in fibre.

Search for: Salmon , Porridge.

What to check for if you have diabetes

Knowing your nutrition is very important if you have diabetes. The key ingredients to check are sugars, fat & sat fat. All of these should be kept to a minimum, however fresh fruit will be naturally high in sugar and can be enjoyed in moderation as part of a healthy diet.

Search for: Wholegrain bread , Lean beef steak , Broccoli.

What to check for if you are following a low carb or Atkins diet

Check the carbohydrate content. If you are following a low carb diet, you will have to take into account the carbohydrate content of what you are eating into your daily carb allowance. Sugars should be kept to a minimum.

Search for: Olives , Cheddar cheese.

What to check for if you are following a high fibre diet

Fibre is not listed as one of the GDA, but we include this information in your results page. If a food contains more than 1.5g of fibre per 100kcals can be described as high Fibre.

Search for: Apple , Porridge.

About the Tesco Diet Calorie Counter

The Tesco Diets Calorie Counter contains thousands of ingredients and meals and we can constantly updating and adding to our database. Generic and basic food item nutritional information comes from The Composition of Food, by McCance and Widdowson. Most supermarket and branded food has been provided by the manufacturer or has been taken from the food labeling.

Calorie values listed as per 1 standard serving. You can they change the size of the serving displayed to show the calories in multiples or fractions or a serving. The values listed as typical values and should only be used as a reference guide.

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