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If you don't love Tesco Diets we'll give you your money back*. That's a promise!

Offering real support from diet mentors and expert nutritionists... plus a choice of 16 delicious diet plans from gluten free to the delicious Mediterranean. Services other sites just don't offer!

The best diet programme ever.
noahthomas, 20/03/2013. Review Centre

Money back guarantee if you don′t love Tesco Diets*

  • One month £11.90 (£2.75 pw)


  • 3 months £29.90 (£2.30 pw) save £5.91


  • 6 months £44.90 (£1.73 pw) save £26.71


Price comparison

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Tesco Diets – Lowest Price, Best Value
Price check as of 01/02/2013
Tesco Diets £11.90* £29.90 £44.90 £ 9.90
Weight Watchers £41.90 £32.90 N/A £11.95
Rosemary Conley £39.99 £27.50 N/A £12.99
Slimming World N/A £60–£80 N/A £20.00
Tesco Diets £12.90* £29.90 £49.90 £9.90

What your membership includes:

  • Weekly personalised diet plan with thousands of quick and easy recipes
  • A handy shopping list to match your diet plan
  • 121 supportive feedback from your diet mentors after every weigh-in
  • Access to a vibrant community forum of like-minded dieters
  • Weekly emails with tips, recipes and motivational ideas from the experts

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*No.1 rating as per on the 31st of January 2014. To avail of our Money Back Guarantee, contact us within the first 14 days of joining to get a full refund. Lose a healthy 1-2lbs per week depending on your initial BMI and chosen diet plan.