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Where does the time go! I've been quite good at writing my blog regularly but with one thing and another, it's been a long way down the 'to do' list recently.  The big excitement has been the arrival of the new kittens - Dougal and Hamish - two bundles of fur and love from Fife. My dear old moggies, Kyle and Bute left us in the autumn at the ripe old age of 17. It was very sad but they'd had a long and happy life. The house just didn't feel the same without a cat (or two), and now the next generation is here.  As I type there's thumps, bumps and squeaks coming from next door as the the kittens do their kitten thing with half a ton of cat nip toys and a mile of silver foil rolled into balls. Just like kids at Christmas, it's the wrapping that excites them!


In what is probably one of the best combinations in the world (or the worst if you're being  a grown up), not only do I have kittens in my kitchen, the Christmas decorations are up. It's a moot point how long they'll last once the kittens manage to escape from Colditz kitchen but who cares, there's nothing that'll harm them.  As the pussies are our Christmas present to each other, we're going to have quality not quantity Christmas this year, and I'm sure we're not the only ones. We're going to just enjoy some quality time together and do things we've not had time to do all year - like sleep, play with the pussies (they grow up so quickly...) and get some winter walks in. It's a great relief not to have to plan a food extravaganza and to just focus on what really matters.  It's been quite a year, I don't think we need any more excitement!

I've also decided that my weight goal is to go back to work in January at the same weight (if not a bit less) than when I head off for my Christmas break.  If I can do that, I'll know what I'm capable of and I'll have no excuses in future.  So there's going to be no 'going for it' this Christmas; no 'letting it all go'. No, this Christmas it's going to be business as usual on the healthy eating front. That means porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and healthy dinners with the occasional treat. I know it doesn't sound like much, but thinking of Christmas as about people and pussies and not a food fest is quite a break-through for me. I feel more relaxed already and not in the least bit deprived - if anything not stuffing our faces feels like a relief! No major meal planning and shopping extravaganza. I'm not going to worry about running out of crisps or chocolate.  No glut of fatty treats at the end of the hols that we feel guilty about so we eat them instead of throwing it in the bin.  Nights out - yes; mad food binges - no. Simples!

I'm also on my pre Christmas mojo management regime. That means trying to stick to the straight and narrow over the next few weeks and not starting the Christmas binge build up in November: no slippery slope to clamber back up in the new year!


Hope your Christmas plans are going well and that you're able to keep on track. In the meantime, I'm heading off to the kitchen - not for a nibble but to play with the kittens!

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  1. Hi there Chloe and Hi there Adele. I so know what you mean Chloe about the empty bowl. I have to tell you that it is great to see the young 'uns tucking in and they're adopted Bute's pld climbing rope - sorry that should read snake!  I dont know if you've heard of the Cinnamon Trust, they offer homes for dogs whose owners are ill or too old to care for them....

    It is so much nicer isn't it not having that Christmas frenzy hat on, I think having to tighten our belts is helping us remmeber what really matters - and that's heliong me tighten my belt literally too!  

     Keep going ladies. I've blitzed the house today - fair few cals onthe hoovering!


    keep going!


    Comment by StaySlimSue -

  2. Lovely kittens. I lost my dog of 18 years this year and one of 17 last year so this is our first animal free Christmas for so long. It made me feel sad when I saw their bedding and dishes in the spare room that I am saving  'just in case' I need them. I am sure that it will not be difficult staying the same over Christmas. It is funny that you have the same breakfast and lunch on most days as we are addicted to the cinnamon/banana toast to the extent that we even take cinnamon on holiday with us, and then when the bananas run out we love the honey and walnuts on brown roll (or toast). Some things just work for some of us and we stick to them. I love porridge but dont have time to make it in the morning and dont remember it at the weekends. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that we are still at our targets next Christmas!



    Comment by CHLOEWALKER2007 -

  3. Aww they are truly gorgeous! We have 2 as well but our girls are 8yrs and 6 yrs, they still have their moments when they regress to kittenhood though :)

    I have to admit I'm not feeling the Christmas binge cravings I usually have either, I can give or take sweet things at the best of times, so to approach this time of year with pride knowing that I won't be doing much damage is very reassuring and is helping me stay positive for the new year as well.  Like yourself I'm allowing myself an evening out and Christmas dinner at the MIL but I haven't bought anything for our house that I wouldn't buy during a regular week - it's just as well really as everything is so expensive, I don't think we could afford to indulge in culinary luxuries even if we wanted to lol.

    Well done on the discipline, and to be honest I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas than simply enjoying the company of the ones you love - no one can ever put a value on that :)

    Comment by Adele -

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