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There is no doubt that temptation is there all year, but at this time of year it seems to be everywhere. Mince pies, candy canes, Ferrero Rochers, boxes and tins of sweets and biscuits… I could go on and on. I’m not really sure why Christmas has turned into a time to eat, it’s not really supposed to be about that. Yes, it is a time for get-togethers and having fun, but does food really have to be the main attraction. If you have worked hard all year to look good and stay healthy do you really want to undo it all over the next few weeks? I say weeks because we never just overindulge on Christmas day itself, we do it in the run up to it and after it too – don’t we!!!

I have to let you in on a little secret, yesterday I was persuaded into a Ferrero Rocher eating competition. (I hate to pass up a challenge) We had to eat 4 in 1 minute or less. I thought, well it’s just 4 little sweets, it won’t do too much damage to my diet. How wrong was I. You’d think that after stuffing 4 very rich and very filling chocolates into my mouth in 1 minute that I’d feel sick and wouldn’t want another one. But that’s not what happened. My blood sugar went crazy and I started to crave even more sweet and sugary things. So I ended up having biscuits, a few mince pies and ice cream. So those few sweets started off a day and night of eating rubbishy foods full of calories. I can only imagine what the scales will say at the end of the week.

I am not sure yet what damage I have done but I feel pretty bad this morning knowing that in just one day I could have ruined this weeks good work. The moral of the story is that a few sweets can hurt. I am not saying that we can’t have a few nice treats here and there but please be aware that you may end up craving more of it.

Today I’m going to have plenty of protein to make sure I feel full during the day and I don’t look at the mince pies. I should have done that yesterday to bring my blood sugar back down, but the big bad honey loving devil on my shoulder was having none of it. When you do feel a spike in your blood sugar, you’ll know because you will start to crave more and you may even feel that sugar high, have some protein such as chicken, quorn , natural fat free yogurt or fish.

I really don’t want to start the New Year off a half a stone heavier, like I did last year. So this year, I’m going to stay focused and strong and say no to the things that could cause weight gain. I will have a few treats for the festive season but they will be my home made sorbet and my favourite light haloumi and pepper skewers. No more Ferrero rochers – that’s for sure.

Do you have a plan of action to help you stay strong in the face of adverse temptation?

Kind regards,
Julie Fitzgerald

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  1. That is my exact problem! One slip can trigger a chocolate/sugar avalanche! I am starting the Low GI diet tomorrow..... scary but optimistic...i WILL fit into my size 12 wedding dress!!!!

    Comment by AMIETACHAUER -

  2. Hi Julie. Unfortunately its quality street with me. We had a load of damaged tins in our shop which we decided to keep for staff and I have had 1 or 2 (or it mite actually be a few more? ) Hope u r well.

    Comment by NICKWATSON12 -

  3. I do think that having 1 or 2 is fine once it's within your calorie allowance, the problem is that your blood sugar can cause all sorts of problems after that.

    But I am glad to report that since then I have been very good again and my control is back :0)


    Comment by JULESDUB -

  4. I know you are not happy about your slip but I feel relieved somewhat that even people like you, in a dieting professional situation, can have a bad day, makes me feel a bit better about my struggle with social events and my bad moments are usually after I've had a glass of wine, I feel the need to eat something savoury - anything! But i don't need it, it's just a taste I seem to desire and I hate it afterwards!

    Comment by CHERRYHOLME123 -

  5. I had 2 celebrations in work today just because they were a Christmas prezzie to the office and because it is Christmas and everyone else was having one i HAD to have one or two in my case!! I was gutted afterwards and a waste of calories! giving in to those cravings for 2 minutes and ruining a weeks worth of focus, motivation and achievement ! Not worth it!!

    Comment by CHARLMARTIN -

  6. It happened to me too! I agree that just a few sweets is a skippery slope and can lead to more of the same... Conversely, if you can resist for a few weeks (three in my case), after a while, you really don't find yourself wanting sweets and chocolate the same any more (and if you do, you find it tastes terribly sweet!). So the bottom line is, resist temptation it does get easier with time...

    Comment by MINISCHNAUZER -

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