So you have been less than vigilant about keeping up your healthy diet and exercise regime over the summer months. You are just one of many who allowed the holiday atmosphere lull them into a false sense of satisfaction. But now the party is over and you are left feeling self-conscious about the holiday gain...sound familiar?

You want to lose weight and get back into shape, but you just can't seem to do it. You don’t have the time due to commitments like work, schooling, family… need I go on?


Perhaps you have good intentions but the thought of actually putting any of them into practice sends a shiver down your spine. By the time you get home from work you have already come up with a list of excuses to delay starting your new healthy routine. When you eventually motivate yourself to begin eating more healthily and exercising you make progress for a couple of days but soon revert back to old habits… sound familiar?

Want it

So what's the solution to obtain the right attitude for success? Success is like a key, you need the key to be the right fit before you can unlock the goal. The first part of the key to success is 'to want to’. If you want to be slimmer, fitter, more confident or a combination of all 3 you have to really yearn and desire it.

If you want to change some aspect of your life and you don't pursue the change then you will never achieve it. But if you have the determination to succeed, you will do whatever it takes to reach your goal.


If ‘the want’ to be successful isn’t there, you won’t be successful. Discipline is the central part of the key to success. To be successful in anything, you need discipline. To remain committed to your goal day after day takes lots of commitment. You can’t just do it for a week and give up. If you want to be slimmer, you can’t eat one healthy meal and stop.

Discipline is needed to diet and exercise. It’s a permanent change that has to be maintained for life and not just for one day. You can’t diet and exercise for a few weeks or months then stop and go back to the old habits that made you gain weight in the first place. This is why diets aren’t short term solutions. Many people diet and work hard to lose weight, so why do so many fail to achieve long lasting results? Did you know that 9 times out of 10 dieters re-gain the weight they lost and more!


The last part of the key to success is willpower; you have to be determined to keep struggling on when the going gets tough. No matter what it takes, you need to realise that success is within your grasp. Life is like a series of mountains. When you are going up the mountain, be grateful and enjoy it. However if you happen to slip down the mountain, muster up the willpower to climb back up. In any case at the bottom of mountain like life, there is only one way back up and it is never easy!

Finally, how do you piece the key together (want, discipline and willpower)? With positive ATTITUDE. You have to have self- belief! The people that are successful in the world all have one thing in common a positive attitude, which means they all have the 'Want to', 'Discipline' and 'Willpower' to be successful.

If you don’t have the willpower, discipline and want, you need to CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE. Focus your thoughts on your desires and with your positive attitude, discipline yourself to turn your goal into reality this Autumn.