Valerie Agnew

Oh the excuses that people can state As to why they haven’t lost weight.

My mother made me have it; my husband brought it in I just could not offend them, by slipping it into the bin.

It’s my hormones is most common, I’m on the H.R.T. Or it’s the time of the month, is what they say to me.

Then there’s my thyroid gland; it’s going awfully slow I haven’t had it tested, but you know – how you know.

Ah sure it was my grannies birthday, and I had to have some cake A sausage roll and a vol au vent and a coconut traybake

Of course there is “I can’t get in”, or “I just not ready yet” It doesn’t seem to have clicked with me Is a common excuse I get

So as we wait to get tuned in, we gain another stone Our clothes are getting tighter; it only makes us groan

Excuses will not make us slim; in fact they make us fat So let’s start making effort, and say “that’s enough of that”

Let us make the effort to walk around the woods To get back to healthy eating and away from fattening foods

And as for the old menopause and those with P.M.T. For fluid retention EVERY WEEK go and see your own GP

ONE BIG E! Is your big E – the big excuse (like those in our poem) or the big EFFORT?

To succeed with weight loss you need lots of ‘E’s’. Energy, enthusiasm, efficiency, exercise and you certainly need to put in lots of EFFORT! Sometimes, however, we find it easier to put in lots of EXCUSES!

This week we are going to give those excuses the BIG E! No more excuses! We at eDiets are aware that very often, no sooner than you decide to join the programme, lose weight, change your eating habits, take lots of exercise, the excuses start! Reasons (you might call them) and pretty good ones you can convince yourself as to why you can’t, or shouldn’t, or won’t keep it up!

Change is tough. Old habits really do die-hard. New habits don’t just spring automatically into place. You have to be convinced that this change (to a new healthy lifestyle) is entirely POSSIBLE and is more preferable to your OLD one. Not being sold altogether on the BENEFITS of such a change is what excuses are all about. Think NOW about the BENEFITS of this change.

Focus on the BENEFITS. Then each time an “excuse” raises it’s ugly head, “tune” into the benefits and FIGHT IT!

Another crucial step is to realise that such a change requires heaps of extra ENERGY. To succeed with permanent change you have to find ways to enhance your emotional, mental and spiritual energy every day. HERE’S HOW!

- Accept YOURSELF. The more you worry and fight with yourself about how you “will never lose that extra weight” the more depressed, worried, anxious and exhausted you become. Just deal with it. Once you simply and fully accept that you are overweight and you do NEED to lose weight, you will be wonderfully relieved of the tremendous stress and strain. And, this can be the first trigger than injects you with FRESH ENERGY. Suddenly you will find yourself able to do the very thing you were struggling with.

-Focus on what you want. Get a very clear image of your target weight goal. See yourself at this weight, physically fit, energetic, happy and healthy. Never mind about “how you will get there” because the answer to that will come as soon as you are VERY CLEAR about what you want. Then DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Take a NEW route to work, school with the children or to the shops. Wash yourself from head to toe in the shower instead of toe to head. Eat something completely different from the choices on your meal plan - something you have never had before – blackeye beans, a bagel, a fruit shake, a stuffed tomato! Altering the SMALLEST things in our everyday routine snaps us out of the almost hypnotic trance that our habits can keep us in and will give us a FRESH, INVIGORATING and ENERGETIC view of life.

- Do something you’re passionate about. Think about something you have always wanted to do - and then go and do it! Learn to drive, ski, sky dive, go on a cycling holiday, walk a marathon, write a book, WHATEVER! Creating a new focus in which you are passionately interested brings life to your mind and spirit. And before you know it, the change you’ve been struggling with is well on its way.

When you are AWARE of the BENEFITS and you feel full of ENERGY nothing can stop you. Not even some of the well loved, known and used tired old EXCUSES:

“I start well, but I can’t stay motivated for long”. Help yourself stay motivated by:-

Setting reasonable goals. Many eDiets members sabotage themselves by expecting too much of themselves. eDiets always advise you to aim for one to two pounds per week. Change three small things. You can change your whole life by changing a few “little” things at a time. Plan three changes you can make RIGHT NOW. E.g. snack on fruit instead of biscuits or crisps. Eat more fruit salads and vegetables. Eat less meat and more fish or chicken etc. When these have become everyday habits; move on to more small changes.

“I get bored eating the same type of foods all the time”. This should not happen in eDiets.

Choose the delicious foods, which are naturally, low in fat and calories and YES, they do exist. Imagine a ripe fresh peach with the juice running down your chin, a tasty piece of grilled chicken in a savoury sauce, a crunchy salad with lots of bite and flavour! These foods are all out there. They are all in the eDiets plan. Keep your eating “interesting”. Add a NEW ITEM to your shopping list each week, perhaps something you have seen in the shops, on TV, or heard someone talk about - as long as it is a good food choice - try something new!

Give your taste buds a chance. You were not born with a taste for chocolate or cheesecake! And you can change your idea of what is yummy! Give yourself time to adjust to the new foods and your new way of eating. Before long, your palate will actually prefer the new low fat way!

This new LOW FAT and LOW CALORIE way of eating should be a way of eating FOR LIFE. Accept that. This is not a “quick fix” or short-term way of eating. This is a permanent way of eating which will permanently slim you, make you look and feel better, give you heaps more energy and excite you about your NEW YOU LIFESTYLE.

So THINK now about what you are GOING TO BE, about the BENEFITS when you are there, and give the BIG ‘E’ to any EXCUSE! There are no excuses!