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Women who start counting the calories on a Tuesday will give up in under a week (6 days), with over a quarter (28%) actually putting more weight on than when they started.

Ruth Langsford and Darren Gough launch lbs for £s - a joint initiative from Tesco Diets and Diabetes UK that could turn the nations weight loss into £100,000 for charity.

Cohn & Wolfe is tasked with increasing brand awareness and driving advocacy amongst its target audiences. Currently, Tesco Diets is the 3rd biggest weight loss service provider in the UK and Ireland, with a unique offering that includes innovative

Shocking new research reveals that UK women are wasting over £285m every year on new swimsuits and bikinis which they never actually wear.

More men than ever before are turning to the internet to lose weight and stay healthy.

A third of women in the UK (29.9%) say that having to wear a bikini is what they dread most about the summer holidays.

Filling a niche in the weight loss/health and fitness camp markets.

Tesco Diets is offering a fitness coaching system – Tesco Diets Active.

Alison Hayes lost an amazing five stone and two pounds with the dieting service.

Lose up to six pounds in two weeks for less than £2 per day.

Shocking new research reveals that women’s wardrobes are bursting with £2.8 BILLION worth of clothes that don’t even fit, due to yo-yo dieting.