Doctor suggests majority of women have cellulite



Women suffer from cellulite as they develop fatty tissue in different areas of the body to men, according to Dr Claudia Aguirre, scientific communications manager for the International Dermal Institute.

Dr Aguirre said that the condition is common and is not harmful to health, although people have concerns about how it may affect their appearance.

She said: "Typically, about 90 per cent of post-adolescent women have cellulite ... cellulite is not going to kill you. You can have cellulite and be perfectly fit, perfectly healthy and live a long healthy life."

Ms Aguirre suggested that creams designed to deal with the problem will not make a difference as they cannot "change the architecture of your fibres".

Recent research conducted by the University of Colorado concluded that liposuction does not result in permanent fat loss.

The study showed that when women underwent liposuction and had fat removed from their thighs and hips or their thighs, hips and lower abdomen, it returned after a year.

According to the study, the fat returned predominantly to the abdominal area. ADNFCR-858-ID-800580200-ADNFCR

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