Health benefits of vegetarianism stressed



An insurance company spokesperson has emphasised that there are substantial health benefits to be gained by not eating meat.

Chris Fairfax of Animal Friends Insurance, a company that donates all of its net profit to animal charities worldwide, said that cutting out meat can reduce a person's risk of contracting heart disease and cancer.

He referred to figures from the Vegetarian Society on the health benefits of taking meat out of the diet and also cited the tactics employed in the meat industry as one of the reasons why vegetarians are a minority in the UK.

"The figures show that if you don't eat meat you've got a 40 per cent reduced chance of contracting a serious cancer and a 30 per cent reduced chance of contracting heart disease," Mr Fairfax said.

"I think it's a question of a long-term education and there's an awful lot of pressure from the meat industry for people to eat meat."

The number of people considering vegetarianism does appear to be increasing, however, with research showing that nine per cent of people were vegetarian or only ate fish in 2005, rising to 12 per cent in 2006.

According to research by Animal Friends Insurance, another 1.26 million people have converted to vegetarianism in the past year.ADNFCR-858-ID-18230804-ADNFCR

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