Improved diet can reduce risk of stroke



People can reduce their risk of stroke by making a number of simple lifestyle changes, including modifying their diet plans, an expert has claimed.

Andrea Lane, a spokeswoman for the Stroke Association, echoed the findings of a recent study in the British Medical Journal which confirmed that an unhealthy lifestyle increases the risk of stroke.

"An improved diet, drinking alcohol in moderation, not smoking and being active can all help to reduce your risk," Ms Lane revealed.

The expert noted that smoking doubles a person's risk of stroke, while over 40 per cent of strokes could be prevented if people kept their blood pressure under control.

In terms of diet, Ms Lane advised: "Reduce your salt intake. Salt raises blood pressure. Don't add salt to your food and avoid processed foods which contain a lot of salt."

Strokes have a major impact in the UK, with at least 450,000 people left severely disabled as a result of stroke in England alone.ADNFCR-858-ID-19051342-ADNFCR

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