lose weight, enjoying a mid-morning snack can throw a Mid-morning snacks throw diets off-track

Mid-morning snacks throw diets off-track



Rather than helping you to lose weight, enjoying a mid-morning snack can throw a diet off-course, new research suggests.

While numerous diet plans encourage their followers to snack little and often during the day in order to shed the excess pounds, a team based at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle believes that snacking between breakfast and lunch is actually counterproductive.

Indeed, research carried out with the help of 123 adult women aged between 50 and 75, indicated that those who neither ate nor drank between breakfast and lunch tended to lose more weight than those who had a snack mid-way.

At the same time, however, the US researchers also uncovered evidence that afternoon snacking can be good for the health, noting that those women who did enjoy a snack between meals tended to eat more fruit and fresh vegetables in general.

Releasing their findings, the team advised that, whether it's eaten in the morning of the afternoon, the ideal healthy snack should be of between just 100 and 200 calories.

Just a few days ago, the British Heart Foundation expressed its 'alarm' at new research indicating that children in the UK are continuing to shun fruit and vegetables in favour of a diet of unhealthy snacks. ADNFCR-858-ID-801224054-ADNFCR

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