'Never cook meat straight from fridge,' says chef



Celebrity chef and farmer Rachel Green has advised consumers never to cook meat straight from the fridge as this can prevent it from being tender.

Ms Green likened the state of refrigerated meat to a person who has been out in the cold and whose muscles have contracted and become tight.

"When we cook meat we want the muscles to relax," she explained. "I don't recommend you keep your meat in a hot steamy kitchen for four hours before you cook it, but just take it out a little bit beforehand to try and bring it closer to room temperature so that the muscles are in a relaxed state before you cook them.

"That makes them more tender in the long run."

The chef also noted that it is not necessary to eat meat with every meal, particularly at a time when people are trying to save money on their weekly shopping basket.

She said that there are some "great" vegetarian options, such as lentils, chick peas, squash and peas.

"We've got into this thing in this country where people feel that they have to eat meat every day - we actually don't," Ms Green claimed.

"We need to stretch proteins out a bit and combine them with different and more adventurous kinds of vegetables."ADNFCR-858-ID-18753894-ADNFCR

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