Research reveals a big belly equals serious health risks



A person's health can be affected by even a small amount of weight gain, especially if the excess pounds gather around the waist.

That is according to new research by scientists at the Mayo Clinic, headed up by Dr Virend Somers, who studied a group of youngsters who gained nine pounds and experienced health-related issues.

Dr Somers said: "Gaining a few pounds in college ... is considered harmless, but it can have cardiovascular implications, especially if the weight is gained in the abdomen."

The volunteers who gained weight around their abdomens had issues with the flow of blood through the arteries in their arms.

The condition which causes this impairment is known as endothelial dysfunction and Dr Somers explained that those who have the condition are at greater risk of coronary disease.

He went on to state that the "location of fat is important" and suggested that the medical profession should pay more attention to the width of a person's waist, not just their weight.

A study conducted by Cancer Research UK's health behaviour unit revealed that children who were overweight or obese at the age of 11 were unlikely to lose weight by the time they left school.ADNFCR-858-ID-800033069-ADNFCR

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