Three portions of dairy a day for kids



Children should have three portions of dairy products a day in order to build strong bones and teeth, an expert has claimed.

According to GP Dr Rob Hicks, many parents do not realise how much calcium their children need in their daily diet.

"Calcium is essential for helping to build strong and healthy bones and strong and healthy teeth," said Dr Hicks.

"We can't make calcium within the body, so we have to get it from our diet and the important thing about having strong and healthy bones from an early age is that we want these bones to last us a lifetime," he continued.

The GP revealed that 90 per cent of bone strength is made by the time a child reaches their late teens, underlining the importance of a good intake of calcium early on.

He also noted that vitamin D is needed for calcium to be absorbed into the body and added: "Exercise is important because you need to do weight-bearing exercise like running, skipping and jumping if you are to help those bones become strong and indeed remain strong."ADNFCR-858-ID-18526647-ADNFCR

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