US researchers investigating plausibility of designer diets



Scientists in Miami, Florida are conducting research to find out whether or not our genetic makeup has an effect on how we should eat and exercise, a US newspaper reports.

The study hopes to establish whether our DNA determines not only which types of food are more harmful to our health but which forms of exercise our bodies respond to best.

Speaking to the Miami Herald, Dr Sylvia Daunert of the University of Miami Medical School said: "I believe if we look at people at the molecular level we can improve their health.

If her team can crack the genetic code, the possibility of tailored diet and exercise regimes could help tackle the obesity epidemic.

According to Dr Daunert's colleague Pascal Goldschmidt, for obese people trying to lose weight "it’s very important to find exercise routines in which they can see results pretty rapidly".

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics reveal that nearly 27 per cent of people in the state of Florida are obese.  ADNFCR-858-ID-801221800-ADNFCR

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