Chloe can’t even remember why she decided to join the online diet plans. Regardless of what actually caused Chloe to register, one thing is for sure, it has made all the difference to her life. Losing 5 stone and dropping from a size 18 to a size 10-12 gave Chloe the confidence to show off her amazing figure.

Chloe shares her uplifting story with us

Have you tried any other diet plans?

I tried lots of diets and often lost weight on them, but I was always unable to keep it off.

Was your weight causing you any problems?

I hated trying on clothes and always wore baggy stuff to hide my figure. I love cycling and skiing, but found it difficult to get gear that fitted.

Tell us about your diet before you joined?

Although I ate healthily enough I took in far too many calories and I never had breakfast. I often had puddings and second helpings. I also had wine on most evenings. Now I eat much more healthily.

How is your diet now?

Many of the recipes I tried were delicious. It was very flexible and I was able to prepare meals for myself and my husband which was handy. I liked being able to swap and edit meals so that I could still eat what was available at work or lunchtime.

Has exercise played any part in your weight loss?

I have started Zumba with a friend and really enjoyed it. I also went on a cycling holiday last year and loved it.

What difference has losing weight made to you?

This was a very special year for me, primarily due to losing weight. I can even fit into the clothes I wore the last time I was thin. I also have the confidence to work on other personal problems such as insomnia and one or two others. I cut off my long scruffy hair and have a very stylish haircut now. I also had my bottom teeth straightened and this added to my self-esteem. The diet was difficult when I first got the train tracks, but with the help of my online mentor I managed with soups and soft foods.

How have your family and friends reacted to your weight loss?

They are very complimentary. Some people did tell me to stop, that I was thin enough, even when I had a BMI over 25.

How do you view your weight loss now?

I am really happy that I haven’t had a week when I have put on weight, even with a three week holiday. I like wearing close fitting dresses and they do make me feel great.

Are you confident about maintaining your weight?

I am nervous about it as I have lost a lot of weight in my adult life and always put it (and more) back on again, but I have changed my habits and taken up exercise now.

Have you any tips for new members?

Make use of the flexibility of the diet. Save the meals you really enjoy as favourites and have them frequently.