Size 16 to a celeb skinny size 10!

After returning from a dream holiday in Australia and Las Vegas Lucy felt far from happy when she saw her photographs. At size 16 with a BMI of 31 there were lumps and bumps evident in her photos that were disappointing. She knew that she would feel much better about herself if she could drop a stone before a wedding she was attending that June. So, while shopping online she saw our online dieting site and decided to give our Total Wellbeing plan a go! In just under a year later Lucy reached a healthy BMI of 22 and easily fits into a perfect size 10!

Here is Lucy’s story…..

How much weight have you lost? When I joined I was 12 stone 9 pounds and struggling to fit in size 14 (I refused to buy a 16 although I should have). I am now 9 stone and a size 10 fits with a bit of room to spare. I bet a size 9 would do the trick! I lost inches on the important bits like bum, hips and belly.

Has your family been supportive to you in your weight loss efforts? Family and friends have been fantastic and I owe my success mainly to them! The compliments have been wonderful and kept me motivated throughout. My partner has been enjoying the recipes I cook in the evening and has also lost a few pounds that he feels better for. He plays rugby so eating well and fitness is very big part of his lifestyle.

What part has exercise played in helping you to lose weight? A huge part! I have followed the fitness plan religiously and as the weight was coming off I was getting so many lovely comments from people at the gym which spurred me on.

Was your weight causing you any problems? Before I went on holiday I went shopping for a new pair of jeans and no matter where I went I couldn’t get into a size 14 without a fight! I was determined not to buy a 16, so instead I came home from shopping empty handed and felt totally fed up.

What difference to your life has losing weight made to you? I have found a new level of confidence and self assurance. When I shop for clothes I am now not afraid to buy what is in fashion as opposed to just playing safe and buying classic styles.

Have you enjoyed our online dieting site ? I have really enjoyed the diet plans. They got me out of the rut of cooking easy food at home and the meal plans helped me plan my shopping. It also allowed me to try foods I had never tried before and everything tastes nicer because I am not eating the same thing day in day out.

How do you feel about your weight loss? I feel more confident wearing clothes that cling in all the right places. I buy a magazine each week and before I would just read it to get the gossip, now I read it to see what people are wearing, and think I could wear that. Some of my outfits have been inspired by certain celebs....never in a million years would I have even considered that I could look as good. I felt fabulous when I was on my friend’s hen weekend in London.

Do you feel confident about maintaining your weight loss? For sure, I appreciate that I haven’t just gone on a diet but that I have made lifestyle changes. I know I don’t have to deny myself but I that can enjoy things in moderation. The best thing I did at the start of the diet was to buy myself a set of scales to weigh my food on. I use them every day, and in times of a credit crunch, the food I buy is lasting longer by me having measured servings!

Finally, Lucy tell us how she stayed motivated …..

Very rarely did I feel hungry on this diet but when I did it would usually be in the evening. I would either chew sugar free gum or have a can of diet fizzy pop. Then either my mouth was busy or the bubbles filled me up! I also updated my computer screen saver with a picture of me looking slimmer as a motivation tool. So every time I checked my emails it was a reminder of how well I was doing!

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