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Changing habits and staying motivated can be difficult, but you are not alone! We are here to help you every step of the way and here is how we can help you succeed.

Orla Mitchell

Orla Mitchell

Orla has been with the Tesco Diets Mentor team since 2008 "sometimes I wonder where the time has gone, but it has been fantastic".

Whether it's helping people through rough patches, getting others back on track or simply giving a word of encouragement or a pat on the back, Orla loves supporting our members.

She says "It's great when members achieve their target weight; I feel that I have helped somebody to make positive changes in their life. That's when you know all the hard work is worthwhile".

Orla was a single mum and before she started working for Tesco Diets, she worried about what her little girl Emma was eating. So she started the GI plan and found the plan helped her in so many ways. There's a great choice of food and her daughter is now not eating sugary and high-fat junk foods anymore. "As her mother I'm now an expert at planning our meals and doing my shopping on-line".

She has now reached her target weight of 9st 5lbs and is waiting to help you reach yours too.

Debbie Morrissey

Debbie Morrissey

As Customer Services manager, Deborah is responsible for the management of the Mentor Team and the on-going development of services. She is always on hand to support her team and members in any way she can.

Deborah attended the National College of Ireland where she studied for a Certificate in Personnel Practice and became an Associate member of the CIPD.

Deborah uses her extensive customer service experience to help, support and build rapport with our members. She also has a keen interest in exercise but has a very realistic approach to dieting.

Deborah says;

"I follow a healthy eating plan Monday to Friday and leave the weekend for treats. But I regularly attend kettle bell classes, as they only take a half an hour yet the results are amazing."

Having worked in the weight loss industry since 2006, Deborah will be able to answer any of your weight loss-related queries. Her personable nature makes her very approachable and popular with staff and members alike, and is a key affiliate in all departments of Tesco Diets.

Nicola MacMahon

Nicola MacMahon

Nicola has worked as part of the Tesco Diets Mentor team since April 2005. She says; "I'm still enjoying every minute of it. I love helping our members - motivating, supporting and encouraging as many people as I can". Nicola uses this experience and knowledge in an understanding and friendly way and lists member rapport as one of her highest values.

Nicola is able to reach out to people through her weigh-in replies and emails and is very popular on the member forums and support boards. The friendships she builds with members is hugely important to Nicola which is why she was chosen to work on the success story photo shoots, where she got to meet some dear friends, as she calls them.

She has a keen interest in health and nutrition and says "I stick to a healthy eating plan, drinking loads of water, and keeping active throughout my day. I like to practice what I preach but I also understand that we all have off days and that helps me to help our members"

One of her favourite quotes is "When everything seems like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top".

Niamh O′Grady

Niamh O′Grady

Niamh is part of the Tesco Diets Mentor team and works on a part time basis.

She has gained qualifications in the Introductory in Counselling Skills and she has completed the first year of an IACP Diploma course in Counselling. She also holds a Diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy & Physiology and Aromatherapy.Niamh is very interested in behavioural issues and takes a holistic approach to weight loss.

Niamh says "for every negative comment you say or think, cross it out and replace it with something will be more rewarding to you".

Niamh's aim is to fully support members through their weight loss journey, helping them to feel positive and motivated along the way. She deals with people in a compassionate and understanding way and believes that everyone has the potential to take charge of their lives and lose weight at a pace which is right for them.

Niamh's goal is to keep members feeling in control so they can achieve their desired weight loss. She is a big advocate of affirmations and believes they can strengthen your focus and empower you.

Rachael Baldwin

Rachael Baldwin

Rachael is part of the Tesco Diets Mentor team and has been working with us since July 2007. She was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease in 2009 and feels her condition really helps her give the best advice to members with this condition. Rachael is a very understanding and considerate person and gives our members so much of her time and attention. The quality of her work is impeccable and consistent.

Rachael says "Having the Coeliac Disease has been a great way of being able to help my colleagues understand the diagnosis better" Rachael has helped so many people who have recently been diagnosed with Coeliac too. She keeps in contact with members who have the same condition swapping notes and tips on a regular basis.

She loves motivating the members and suggesting they give it 100% commitment to strive for their goals. It's very rewarding for Rachael to receive so much positive feedback from members with regards to the advice she has given them. Quite a few members have remained in regular contact with her throughout their weight loss journey and Rachael feels she's gotten to know them on a friendship basis.

Amanda Walsh

Amanda Walsh

Mandy has been working as Assistant Manager within the team for the past five years and she is a self confessed exercise junkie.

She loves her food so much and in order to stay slim and healthy has learned that exercise and healthy eating is really the best way to go.

She finds the gym boring but plays squash and Zumba five times a week. She has also managed to lose twenty three pounds in the last twelve months since her weight gain after she gave up smoking.

Mandy really enjoys her work and could talk about food all day long (and sometimes she does).

Herself and her husband both love to cook and Jamie Oliver visits their house every Saturday evening if they are both staying home. She eats sensibly during the week but enjoys her treats at the weekend. She loves her life and her job and would not have things any other way.

Lisa Carroll

Lisa Carroll

Lisa has worked for Tesco Diets Mentor Team since January 2008. She is a part-time member of staff but is currently completing 6 months work experience with the nutrition team.

She is currently in her 3rd year of Sport Science and Health honours degree in Dublin City University. Using the skills she has gathered so far in her studies she aims to help members reach their weight loss and also fitness goals. Lisa aims to complete her degree and then go on to study nutrition at a master's level.

Lisa hopes the skills she has learned so far in University and the work experience she is currently undertaking with the nutrition department will benefit her in helping with the fitness and nutrition needs of the members. Her favourite quote is, "Motivation is what gets you going, habit is what gets you there".

John Coleman

John Coleman

Hello there everyone, I'm John Coleman and I have been working with Tesco Diets since 2010. I have an interest in fitness and diet and leading a healthy lifestyle. I have learnt a lot since I started working here and I like being able to pass on any tips and information that I have picked up from our members. I try my best to eat regular healthy meals and not to snack in between . I used to be terrible about eating between meals but thankfully I have cut that down a lot now. My main downfall is skipping breakfast because I do not give myself much time for this in the mornings. This is down to lack of preparation from the night before and is something I must improve on. I play Gaelic Football at a senior level, which is quite demanding and it is very important to eat the right foods at the right times and also to drink plenty of fluids, in order to maximize your ability. Thank you for reading my biography and always keep the faith.


Lisa Maher

Lisa Maher

Lisa has worked with Tesco Diets since 2008. As part of the Mentor team she takes great pride in her work and is very passionate about keeping our members motivated.

Lisa deals with people in a very genuine and sincere way and loves helping members any way she can. She strongly believes you can do anything you set your mind to

Lisa says; "Not only do I get to help people by being here for them on their journey, but there is no better feeling than helping a member reach their goal weight."

Dedicated to encouraging our members to realise their full potential and to help them to reach their desired weight loss goal, Lisa is very caring and compassionate towards our members and will go to every length to help them succeed. She is always smiling and loves to laugh which makes her a very well-liked member of the team.

Jessica Mallerman

Jessica Mallerman

Jessica has worked with Tesco Diets Mentor team since 2007. She is a part time Team Leader for our Mentor team and is currently in full time education, studying for a diploma Social Care.

Jessica's aim is to use the training she has had with Tesco Diets and the skills she has learned during her studies in college, to help, inspire and support members in succeeding in their weight loss journey.

Her favourite part about working at Tesco Diets is seeing the members succeed in having a healthy lifestyle and achieving the goals they started with.

Her speciality is motivation. She does this through being positive and realistic in her support for our members.

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."

Jennifer Roche

Jennifer Roche

Jennifer has been a member of the Tesco Diets Mentor team since February 2010 and in that time has honed her skills and knowledge to become a valuable member of the team.Jennifer holds diplomas in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Aromatherapy and has a keen interest in health matters. As a seasoned dieter herself, Jennifer believes in the common sense approach to weight loss and finds it easy to relate to the members in a sympathetic manner.

Healthy eating, regular exercise and taking the weight loss at a steady consistent pace are the keys to success, in Jennifer's opinion. She understands that no member is perfect and likes nothing better than to help a member find their motivation again and go on to achieve their goals

Jennifer is a big advocate of social media as the way forward in staying in touch with the members and can often be found supporting and advising the members on our Facebook, Twitter platforms and also our member forums.

Tammy Walsh

Tammy Walsh

Tammy works full time as part of the Tesco Diets Mentor team. She has gained an ECDL qualification and holds a FETAC award in performing arts. Tammy is really interested in food and cooking. She hopes to get into Chef College DIT next September, while continuing to work part-time at Tesco Diets.

Tammy says, "You will never know you don't like something, if you don't try". She believes that the look and smell of a food should never put you off the taste. She explains; "Take blue cheese for example - smells awful, yet is very tasty! So try everything on your plan, before you decide it is not for you. You might be surprised."

Tammy's goal is to help our members stay on track and focused on their goal weight. Her feedback is always full of practical tips and advice and her positive personality and fun outlook always seem to shine through.

As a person who has experience in performing, she believes that there is no such word as 'CAN'T'. Tammy says; "You can push yourself to achieve the results that you want. You can only fail if you give up. Once you keep trying your best to do the best you can then you will succeed!"

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