Diet Tools

We have a wide range of handy tools to make both your weight loss and fitness more fun! Each tool includes a short description of what it is calculating and how it reflects your general health and wellbeing.

Check your diet and health


Calorie Counter

Your one-stop tool to find the nutritional information of all your favourite foods!


Daily Calories and BMR

Calculate your average daily calorie requirement to maintain your current weight.

How fit are you?


Target Heart Rate

The target heart rate is a range that is a percent of your maximum heart rate.


Cardio Fitness Test

This test can be used on a regular monthly basis to monitor your progress.

Interactive Quizzes


Have you a healthy relationship with food?

This survey is designed to help you reflect on your relationship with food. "Normal" eating is flexible. It varies in response to emotions, daily activities, hunger and proximity to food.


Calculate your Stress Level

This survey is designed to test your current stress levels.

Your free diet analysis

Check your BMI & find a healthy weight for you.

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