Nutrition Team

Sore joints, overtiredness and poor self confidence were just some of the afflictions Catherine endured because of her weight. Discovering the low Gi diet plan was just what she needed to get her health and weight back on track. In a year Catherine achieved a 3 stone 4 lbs loss and lost an amazing 4 dress sizes taking her to a svelte size 10.

Read on for her story…

Why did you decide to join us?

The other diets I tried were never successful. The Gi meal plan was tailor-made and convenient, suiting my lifestyle perfectly.

What part, if any, has exercise played in helping you to lose weight?

It played a major role in my weight loss and I exercise every day now. Getting regular exercise is very motivating, I go for a brisk walk around the block; do yoga once a week and go for a 30 minute walk at lunchtimes with a colleague. Exercise has become part of my routine; I now enjoy it for the first time in my life!

Was your weight causing you any problems?

My knees were hurting as well as my feet, and according to my GP, that was caused by being overweight. The range of clothes available in my size was also very limited.

Has losing weight made any difference to you?

I have more energy and I am more confident about my appearance. I get plenty of compliments on a daily basis now.

Was there a particular aspect of the diet plans that you found most helpful?

I really enjoyed following the meal plans.

Has your diet changed since registering?

My diet was good but the portions were wrong, the main challenge was to get them right.

How do you feel about your weight loss?

I am proud of my weight loss. I feel attractive and confident now.

Any tips of comments you would like to give?

In my case, I got ‘in tune’ with my body. I go to a lot of restaurants, have nice deserts but the following day, I get back on track. I make sure that my energy intake is equal to my energy output.